About Us

Our Candles

We bring ambience reminiscent of cocktail bars and the intoxicating smells of cocktails to your home - where luckily, it’s never last call...

Our candles are made with natural soy wax, phthalate-free fragrance and eco-friendly FSC certified wood wicks. They're non-toxic, clean burning, and vegan + cruelty-free.

Our jars are made in quality rocks glasses. When your candle is done remove the wax, clean it, and reuse as a new glass! We're not perfect when it comes to sustainability, but we're learning and doing our best! All of our packaging is recyclable, and our packing peanuts are made with starch and fully dissolvable.

Last call is proudly Métis female-founded, and hand-poured in small batches in Toronto on Haudenosaunee territory.

A portion of proceeds will be donated to rotating local organizations.


Our Story

An idea that popped into my head at the end of 2020 now has it's own website - what!?

My parents own a business (gchoneybees.com) and make delicious honey and beeswax candles. Years ago I said I wanted to create my own candle line one day - keep the ingredients clean like my mom's, but make them for someone more like "me". The idea always floated around in my head, but I was never actively seeking it. One night years later, it came to me out of nowhere - cocktail candles!

I've always been a cocktail lover. I've worked in the restaurant industry for several years, and one of my favourite hobbies is sitting at a restaurant or cocktail bar with a good drink. It’s not even about drinking - it’s about the feeling, the craft, the perfect combination of flavours, the vibe, decor, music, and the people. When lockdowns first happened, my fiancé and I started to really grow our home bar. He'd make a cocktail or pour an ounce of whiskey and I'd always smell them. Anyone else smell their drinks, or just me? I love picking up the notes in scents. This is another thing that led to the creation of Last Call. Cocktails have always been "my thing" and this idea fell perfectly into that!

While I may not have expected it to be candles, I've known for a while that I wanted something of my own. I’m a Digital Communications and Media grad and knew I wanted my future job to include content creation, digital marketing, photography, and anything creative that I could get my hands on - but the 9-5 desk job was not the life for me. I've spent the last few months researching, self-teaching, and testing candles, and I've really come to know and love it. I’ve managed to create my dream job with Last Call, and I'm so excited to have you on this journey with me!

Thank you for supporting my little candle business! I hope you love them as much as I do.

- Kierra